Successfully Recovery of Deleted Emails from Outlook 2007

Microsoft Outlook users, while making use of their mailbox sometimes intentionally or accidentally deletes e-mail messages or other Outlook items. You all unanimously agree to the fact that many of times losing emails can bring some critical situations that puts you in the need to recover deleted emails from Outlook 2007. Apart from accidental deletion of emails, there are also many reasons due to which emails get removed from mailbox including corruption due to .pst compact, virus or Trojans infection, large PST files size, header corruption, Outlook malfunctioning, etc.

Deleting redundant emails from Outlook mailbox is quite usual for the users who regularly communicate with family, friends, work-fellows, and relatives through with emails. keeping number of emails in your mailbox only increases the PST file size that may lead to various problems such as Outlook sluggish performance, corruption in PST, inaccessibility, etc. Therefore, due to this reason user often used to erase email messages, which have no more important for them. Deleted emails or any other objects moves to a significant folder known as Trash or deleted Items Folder. However, if emails are also erased from the "Deleted Items" folder then it becomes hard to restore them back.

Its a general conception that once emails or other Outlook data are permanently removed, they cannot be restored. But the fact is quite different and it is cent-percent possible because permanently erased emails can be restored if the allocated space is not get overwritten by other emails. It becomes available as free space for new data. Until you compact your .pst file or overwrite it with further addition of data your emails are not permanently erased. That is why it is always advised to close down and stopping using Outlook application soon after data loss condition .

You can use Outlook 2007 provided option to recover emails that has been recently deleted emails even your "Deleted Items" folder is emptied. Go through the steps as mentioned below in order to restore recently deleted email Outlook 2007 items:

  • Launch MS Outlook 2007
  • Choose left panel folder from which you have removed emails. For an instance, if emails get removed from Inbox then choose it
  • Go for the Tools - Recover Deleted Items option. A dialog showing the emails removed from the chosen email folder comes out
  • Select emails, which you want to restore and click on the option of "Recover Selected Items". After clicking on the "Recover Selected Items" option, all chosen emails will get restored at their primary location.

These steps let you to restore deleted items with the help of in-built Email Recovery feature in Outlook 2007. Although, this feature is only helpful when emails are recently deleted not long ago. But in the scenario, when you have deleted your emails time long back like a month ago then you are need to use PST recovery programs.

PST recovery tool is the perfect utility with powerful scanning techniques that easily recover deleted emails from Outlook 2007 with attractive and easy user interface. It is an excellent solution to restore your valuable emails and also recoups notes, contacts, tasks, attachments of Outlook 2007.

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